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Seeking Clarity?

Are you seeking clarity and direction? Are you looking for someone to provide you with a psychic connection to answer your questions? Then a consultation with Cully, of Mountain Sage will fully compliment your quest. Cully’s skill, sensitivity and psychic ability will guide you with the in-depth precision you need.

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Are You Looking for Detailed In-Depth Answers from a Psychic Sleuth?

Cully’s natural instincts have been cultivated over decades, with training, inner wisdom and guiding spirits. She is a direct descendent of the Cherokee Nation. Her grandfather, Sequoia, was a former medicine man and Chief of the Cherokee Nation. She has an innate ability to see beyond the ordinary and dive deeper into the realm of knowing. She will provide you with answers from the wisdom of the ancient with the union of the now. 

Consultations with Mountain Sage are full of the in-depth detailed answers you are seeking

Living in Santa Fe, the mystical home of Native Americans, Cully walks with her spirits and translates a millennium of healing insights. As a Meta-Physician, or one who provides healing counsel from a spiritual realm, Cully utilizes her skills as a finely tuned instrument. 


Consultations with Cully at Mountain Sage are exclusive with the detailed answers you are seeking. Her expertise is as diverse as her experience:

Cully invites you to become an active participant in the richly embroidered tapestry of your own unique Journey.

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